I had a "funny" during my devotions this morning. I was reading randomly through Proverbs when I found these verses in chapter 23. The NKJV reads this way Who has woe? Who has sorrow? Who has complaints? who has wounds without cause? Who has redness of eyes? I was like - man, this is going to be good, the writer nailed caregiving 101! Right?

Then, I read on through the next few verses and realized Solomon was talking about those who drink too much. I had a good laugh. But it also made me think a little as I turned to self-reflection. Caregiving isn't all bad. Is it hard? Absolutely? Is it challenging? Absolutely? Is it doable? Absolutely.

There are some good things about caregiving too. For instance, we have a chance to love and give freely to our loved ones. We have the opportunity to walk out God's love - right here in flesh and blood. Sometimes, we get the opportunity to see and feel others be moved by compassion as they gaze at our lives even from a distance. 

In some ways, we get to see God move through us every single day as we care for those who cannot take care of themselves. Our compassionate care and love for our loved ones mirror His love for us. He loved - so He gave. As I thought about my silly experience in the scriptures, I wondered if I am looking at the trial instead of the triumphs. Sometimes, it's just tough, right? We can be alone and feel abandoned. But God is still with us. It can feel like no one really understands the turn our lives have taken and they have no clue what days hold for us. But He is right here. He is the God Who sees, the God who knows, and the God who cares.

Maybe it's more about perspective. I reminded myself that all He has provided is still mine. Caregiving cannot take away salvation, peace, mercy, grace, or His great love.

Today when feelings of loneliness or woe come up, I'll shift my focus to what remains in the rubble of my life. When I look around, I won't look for or focus on the pain, the difficulty, the deep aloneness. Instead, I'll look for ways He continues to show me that He's with me and He's got me. I'll trust that He's got me, He's got you, and He's got the whole situation in His grasp. Will you join me?

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