Prisons and Palaces


Do you find it hard to listen to some people? I would be nearly rich if I had $5 for every time someone told me to take care of myself too. A buck or two for every time someone told me I need "to get out more" would go a long way toward reducing my debts. Sad enough, most of these people don't get it. They have no idea what it looks like to try to "get out more" or take a break. Presently, I am canceling a trip I wanted to go on because I just don't have enough people I can pay to do what I do for a weekend. lol. It's just part of our lives, right?

It's hard to listen to even well-meaning, caring people who try to help - because they really don't have a clue. These are a few of my thoughts this morning as I read over and over 2 Thessalonians 3:16. The 1995 NLT says this: May the Lord of peace himself always give you peace no matter what happens. Why did that catch my attention? Because Paul was writing it while sitting in a prison cell, not enjoying the luxury of a palace. 

My mind ran away with the phrase no matter what happens. I used it for the foundation of this morning's Facebook Live Peace Out devotions. (See video below.) And I just keep thinking about it. No matter what happens, God's peace is still in our hearts. He doesn't pack up and leave at the first sign of trouble. Lol. That's a funny thought to me because He'd sure have plenty of opportunities to opt-out, wouldn't He?

 As caregivers, we never know what a day will bring or not bring. We can get up with all the best intentions and by 8 the good-attitude rug has been jerked right out from under us. But we are remarkable - because you know what? We just keep running back to Him - even if we do it 100 times before lunch! :-) Am I right?

Encouragement from someone who has or is struggling somehow carries a lot more weight than someone with what appears to be an easy life. Isn't it the struggles of those Bible heroes that make them heroic? Not that they avoided problems. It's more that they endured them and that's why their lives are so encouraging. Even our Prince of Peace, Jesus. Hebrews says He endured the cross because of the joy set before Him. He endured. So can we.

Today, instead of daydreaming about what it would be like to sit on a comfy cushion sipping tea out of fine China in a palace, (lol) I'll remind myself that God is walking through my no matter what with me. I'll be thankful that He didn't, hasn't, and won't run the other way at the sign of difficulty or struggle. Instead, He embraces. He gives peace. He gives strength. He gives grace and mercy. To me. To you. I'll look around at my no matter what today and be thankful that He is here too. Will you join me?


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