That Running List


Do you have a running list? I'm playing a bit with words because I do have a traditional running list of all my concerns and prayers. But I also have a running list - it's the same one - but I am always running to Him with it. That pretty much sums up my morning.

I woke up with lots of things on my heart. Not just caregiving stuff either. The world is in a tough spot. There are so many things to be concerned about. I was praying about all of those and carrying all my personal stuff to Him too. The list of things to pray about seems to be getting longer and longer.

But in the back of my mind, I kept thinking of a verse from a Psalm I read often. Verse 5 of Psalm 13 says yet I will trust in His unfailing love. After a while, I stopped praying about all the concerns, not necessarily because I ran out of them. lol. And I began to think about this phrase - yet I will trust.

If we look back at the first few verses of this Psalm, David was in a difficult place and he didn't try to hide his sorrow from God. He was asking God how long He would just look the other way. He was pleading with God to turn and answer him. Have you ever felt like God turned His head the other way and you just needed Him to acknowledge where you were and the challenges you were facing? I know I have. 

Yet I will trust...

No matter what's on our list today - we can trust in His unfailing love. As a matter of fact, I'm making it my declaration for the day. As for me - I will trust in His unfailing love. 

Today, I will trust in His unfailing love. When it feels like He's looking the other way - I'll remind myself that He is aware of every little detail that happens on earth and in my life. But I'll also remind myself that all those bajillions of details do not change the Kingdom of God or His reign one iota. He still reigns as king and I will let Him sit on the throne of my heart today. Will you join me?


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