The Journey Thus Far

Chris in the standing frame with me beside him

Do you have a lot on your caregiving plate today? Maybe you have more than one platefuls to deal with today or even this morning. Too bad there isn't just a big checklist where we can check off items that are done when they are done. What a sense of accomplishment that would be - exhilarating and liberating! Well, we can at least imagine, can't we?

I think it's more cyclical, and we are never really done.

As I was letting my mind wander yesterday, I started thinking it sounded a lot like whining. I hate whining. It can be so easy to do though. It's kinda hard to distinguish when we are airing out our frustrations in a healthy way and when it turns to whining, don't you think? I'm certain that yesterday - I was whining.

When I first started this caregiving journey and brought Chris home from rehab, I really didn't know what I was going to do other than trust God for the journey. I spent some time crying (and whining) to God about the life I lost and the fear I felt. But I found some inspirational quotes online and one that stuck out to me was this: Tears will get you sympathy, hard work will get you success. I decided right then and there that I wanted to spend more time rolling up my sleeves than moping and crying. 

Today, I don't want to talk about how hard it is - we all get that. So, instead, I want to talk about what God has done. I started shifting my focus off my circumstances to what God has said and done. It's a spirit-lifter for sure! Here are a few things I let wander through my mind - I hope you find them as encouraging as I have.

  • God has never abandoned me. He is with me constantly - even when I sleep.
  • He continues to provide - I have not missed a meal or had my lights shut off once!
  • His word has encouraged me and strengthened me for the journey.
  • He really is my best friend. 
  • I can trust Him.
  • God has given me His strength when I knew I did not have it on my own.
  • He has carried me sometimes...a lot of times.
  • God gives me HIS peace - which is a lot better than mine!
  • I know my heart is safe in His.
Today, I will focus on all He has done instead of how I feel. My meditations will be of all the ways He has strengthened me and carried me through this journey so far - and I'll thank Him for not stopping today. I'll turn my thoughts to how much He cares for me as I care for my loved one. I'll thank Him for this journey - because I would have never known Him this way without it. Will you join me?


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