The Source of Life

Recently, I had some interactions where I felt like others didn't have a clue what it meant to be a caregiver. Maybe they don't understand how demanding it is 24-7. Their request involved traveling, and it's something I wanted to do with all my heart. But as is often the case, it's just not always easy to travel when you are caring for someone else. I felt like they didn't quite "get" my situation. 

With the airlines canceling flights left and right, seemingly on a whim, I can't take a chance of getting stuck in another location. As I was working through my dilemma mentally, I realized that most of the time, it's the other way around. People only see us as caregivers and forget that there is a person inside dying to be recognized.

As I was thinking about all of these things, I became very thankful. Why you ask? Because I realized that God sees us fully. He doesn't dish out blessings and spiritual benefits to others and decide we don't get any because we are caregiving. 

This morning, I was reading in Romans 8 about how when we are spiritually minded, it is life and peace. I was thankful to be included there - there is no exception that says unless you are busy caregiving. My life is hidden in Him just like every other true believer!

Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life for every believer, caregiver or not. He is the bread of life shared with US too. He is the resurrection and the life for caregivers. When Paul talked about our lives being hidden in Him - we are included! He is the source of life for caregivers. He shares His life with us - He doesn't overlook us, bypass us, or withhold any spiritual blessing from us. 

When He looks at us, sure He sees a caregiver. He sees someone who is continually laying down their lives for others because of love. But He sees who we are inside. He knows the callings He placed on us and didn't take them back when we became caregivers. He extends every spiritual blessing and the truth and life to us too! I love that He can see past our caregiver front into our hearts. 

Today, I will thank Him for seeing the care I bear as a caregiver, but for also looking past that to the person I am inside. I'll thank Him for continuing to share the bread of life with me and allowing me to see new things in His word every single day. I'll thank Him for revealing Himself to me in new ways and for continuing to walk alongside me even when the way gets rocky and treacherous. I'll remind myself that He is a good God - and He has my heart hidden in His. I believe I can trust Him for one more day. How about you?

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