Decisions, Decisions, Decisions


A caregiver's day is filled with decisions. The most difficult part is making them for someone else. Some caregivers take care of loved ones who can speak and make choices. My son cannot speak. If he does make a choice, it's often hard to communicate it effectively. I'm always second-guessing what he meant and worry that I missed his slight cues. 

Our decisions are like everyone else's in that they affect more people than we imagine sometimes. Some people haven't always understood my choice to take care of my son at home. They think I should just put him in a facility. While I know I have a choice - I just can't take that route. They won't push him like he needs to be pushed to improve among other things. But the decision to care for our loved ones usually affects other aspects of our lives as well. Actually, it affects every aspect of our lives.

Even though some people don't understand making the decision to care for a loved one (long-distance or in-home), it's often the right choice. That decision is then followed by tons of new decisions that have to be made. Where do we live? Will I have supplies? Will I have enough money? Will I have help? I'm sure you can add to this list!

As I was thinking about all the decisions I've made over my caregiving years, I must say I regret some and celebrate others. lol. Those who don't understand think I could make it a lot easier on myself by doing it another way. But I just can't. I wondered this morning if they thought the same thing about Jesus. The cross was a decision. He toiled over it in the garden that last night. He even asked Father if there was another way. But then He decided to drink the cup He was given. Hebrews 12:2 says He endured the cross for the joy that was set before Him. We are that joy! I'm so glad He chose to go to the cross, even though I'm sorry He had to endure it.

Do you ever wonder what it would have been like if He'd made another choice? What if He decided to take the easier route and avoid the cross? We would have been affected forever. His single decision to obey the Father and complete the task set before Him gave us more than we could have ever imagined.

Today, I will be thankful that He chose to be my spiritual caregiver. I will specifically thank Him for choosing to dispel the darkness in my heart with His glorious light. I hope to mirror His heart by making hard choices of my own. I will rejoice in the salvation He purchased for us with His own blood, sweat, and tears. I'll remind myself that He ever lives to continue to intercede for us. His blood still speaks. I'm overcome with gratefulness for His decision for me! I'll spend some extra time today just thanking Him for this journey. Will you join me?


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