Is Anybody Out There?

It's not unusual for caregivers to feel overwhelmed. There is a lot on our plates, and each day seems to bring more. Decisions, tasks, and plans, just seem to wear on and on. They are just part of our journey so we tend to adjust and proceed. But every once in a while, at least for me, it seems I get sucked into the I'm all alone syndrome. The odd thing is that the feelings of being alone can be strongest when others are all around.

When I go for a hike, an evening walk, or anywhere else occasionally, I seem to be the only person there all alone. Everyone else at least appears to be enjoying the company of friends, companions, or others. It tends to gnaw at one's soul. I hope you don't understand.

Last night, after the zoom Bible study I host, which was very enjoyable, I just got sucked into the I'm all alone vacuum. There was no warning. No sign of anything. I just felt so all alone. 

What are we supposed to do with these feelings?  Of course, we take them to God. Maybe He feels all alone too - several scriptures say, I am God alone. (lol - you know I'm just kidding. We gotta laugh sometimes!) I know I can take everything to Him and He fully understands those feelings of abandonment and aloneness. Sometimes, just spreading my heart out before Him is all that it takes for my emotions to shift. I encourage you - if you feel alone right where you are - spread it all out to Him. 

One thing I've found encouraging is knowing He is in my now. He's in the right now - present here - whatever here looks like today. He hasn't (and won't) abandon because life got ugly or difficult. He is committed to the journey - and I am committed to Him.

Today, I will remind myself that I am not alone. That someone is with me and that someone created everything by starting with a simple phrase, let there be light. That same God can shine the light of His glory in my heart so that the aloneness is no longer the focus. Today, I will remind myself of His eternal commitment to be with me. I will look for His interactions throughout my day. I'll be thankful that I am not alone because I am hidden in Him. Will you join me?


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