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Where Did He Go?


Don't you love those times when God feels so close? There is no doubt that He's right here - right now and He's walking through the day or midnight with you. I do. But then there are those times that even though I know He's here - I can't seem to find Him or hear Him. Those are not fun times, for sure.

This morning I read in Jeremiah 23:23-24 where God said through the prophet: An I a God near at hand and not a God afar off? Can anyone hide in secret places, so I cannot see him? do I not fill heaven and earth? There were several things in these two verses that spoke to my heart personally this morning.

I love that God asks in an explanative way  - how can I be close and not be far? Because I don't know where you are, but I'm happy to say that God is right here in Oklahoma with me and my son! :-) He is also there with you wherever you and your loved ones are. So, He's near to me here - yet far away from me with you. AND He's near to you there - but far away with us too. If I go somewhere else and find a new "here," He'll be there too! I can't outrun Him, hide from Him, or get away from His presence. (Not that I'm trying!) He is everywhere.

In the next verse, God mentions how impossible it is for us to try hiding from Him. I don't know that I try to hide from Him, but this reminds me that even if I tried to - He could still see me. Nothing obstructs His view of my heart.No difficulty. No trial. No empty bank account. No rejection. No problem. No sin. His all-seeing eye can see through anything as He looks into the depths of my being. I love that literally nothing can get in the way of Him seeing me. (I am going to meditate on that for a few!) He never says - I'll call back in a few - I can't hear you - bad connection. And there's no - bad connection where He says He can't see us - the picture is too fuzzy - or out of focus - nope. He can see us through anything. And that has a dual meaning.

The last part of verse 24 says Do I not fill heaven and earth? Again - every space is open to His sight and He is in every place. He fills it - completely. That includes my heart.

Today, I will meditate on how He sees through caregiving to make out the pure picture of my heart. My thoughts will be on how He sees me through anything that might try to cloud His view. And - I'll turn my thoughts to how He will carry me through anything back to His heart. I'll remind myself that He is right here - right now, and He's going nowhere soon. Because He's already there too. lol. My thoughts and heart will be on His all-seeing eye that never turns away from the view of my heart. And so, I know I can trust Him for one more day. Will you join me?


  1. Oh Jeanie, I think Gal 3:20- 21 says it best. U know that is my favorite verses

    1. Your comment is here - I just have it set that they have to be approved before they go live! But I got it - and yes Galatians says it best! Thanks for reading and sharing!


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