All the Feels

 This morning as I was preparing for a Bible study class I attend on Monday nights, I found myself in 1 Kings 18. I've always loved the stories of Elijah and Elisha, and I've read this account many times. Elijah has been sent by God with a message for evil king Ahab. He meets Obadiah along the way. Verse 3 tells us that Obadiah feared the Lord greatly, which doesn't mean he was afraid of God, but that he served Him. Obadiah was returning from hiding 100 of God's prophets when he encounters Elijah.

In chapter 18, we can read the amazing story that has been shared many times about how Elijah confronted the prophets of Baal, and God sent fire down from heaven to consume Elijah's sacrifice. But that made Jezebel and Ahab mad and probably a little bit uncomfortable. Well, no one likes to lose, right? lol. After this great victory, Elijah runs to the cave to hide. Why would he fear humans after witnessing such a miraculous sight? But we find him in a cave (v. 9) and feeling alone. God asks Elijah what in the world he was doing there. And Elijah says he'd been zealous for God - but now I alone am left. 

Here's the thing - he wasn't alone - even though he felt like he was. He had talked to Obadiah recently, and there were at least 100 prophets of God out in the other caves. But as it all came crushing in on him, he felt alone. 

As caregivers, we can feel like we live alone in a cave sometimes. But just like God came to Hagar, in verse 9, God came to Elijah. He asked Elijah what he was doing there in the cave. God proceeds to take Elijah out to the mountain and again asks him what he is doing there. Elijah responds again, I am alone. Even after witnessing miracles and hearing directly from God - Elijah felt alone. 

I enjoyed reading this story again because it reminded me that just like God came for Hagar, the woman at the well, the blind man after he was kicked out of the temple, and now for Elijah - God will come for me. He will remind me that I'm not alone. No matter how alone I may feel - God is here to ask me about it. 

Today, even though I may feel alone, I'll remind myself that God is right here. He walks right into the caregiver's cave where I have barricaded my heart and my emotions. And He says, Why are you here? But even in the question - I remind myself that He is "here" too. And I can trust Him to be with me for one more day. Will you join me?


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