Many Returns

Helping chris stand at the park

 If you've read along with me over the years, you know I frequently take a run through some of my favorite verses and passages. I trust you know them and love them as well as I do. One such passage that gets frequent flyer miles from caregivers is Psalm 61. Maybe it's because we feel overwhelmed often, or that we need the reminder to just keep running to our Rock.

This morning, I was up early trying to catch up on some of last week's projects, and I just started feeling overwhelmed. Along with all the things I need to get done today, I have some things leaking over from last week. Chris got a blessing last week as Medicaid finally approved a SmartVest for him. Such a blessing, but it also takes another hour or so out of each day. (Definitely not a complaint, just a statement - and I know you understand.) I just want to "clock out" for a little bit. But it seems like even a few moments of relaxation can make the pile of responsibilities taller and more difficult to overcome.

As all these things started closing in on my heart and mind today, my mind ran back to Psalm 61. My prayer this morning was for the Lord to lead me back to the Rock once again. I kind of chuckled to myself and thought about how often I run to that Rock. I just keep running back for many returns! But when I opened my Bible to this psalm, I realized the psalmist ran back there a lot too. In verse 2, he prays for the Lord to lead him to the Rock when he is overwhelmed. In the next verse, he reminds himself that the Rock had been his shelter and a strong tower from the enemy many times. He had many returns to that rock as well. 

It's comforting to know that the Rock has been there for many generations. Matter of fact, Psalm 90 contains the words of Moses who said, You have been our dwelling place in all generations. As I type that out, I think that Moses was in the game early on. Since he penned that psalm, there have been many more generations added to it! The Rock still stands and will continue to stand for generations to come.

Today, I'll remind myself that I can run back to the Rock as many times as I need to for safety of heart and mind. My thoughts will be on how our Rock is stable, unmoving, and always welcoming. I think I'll remind myself of all the times I've run to Him over the years, and how He has never disappointed. And with that - I'll just take off running to Him again today. He is our present help, isn't He? I'll take a few minutes to thank Him for being there, for helping me, and for giving me His peace and strength. And I'll thank Him for never complaining when He has to carry me. Will you join me?


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