No Cancellations

I was recently invited to a friend's party, but I would need to fly to attend. There are always lots of factors at play when you are a caregiver trying to make travel arrangements. Sometimes, the tasks needed to schedule an outing are a deterrent. One of the biggest factors in my decision to NOT go on the trip this time was that airlines were canceling flights. It was problematic for many travelers who found themselves stuck in a remote location trying to get home. Not only did I not need to get stuck somewhere, I didn't want to put sitters in a position to try and figure out what to do with Chris in my extended absence. So, I chose not to go.

I've thought about the trip I missed a lot. I wish I could have gone. But I do feel like it was the best choice, the most responsible one. It was frustrating, though, to feel like I was at the mercy of airlines that might or might not provide the services I paid for. 

My thoughts soon turned to thanksgiving as I realized God doesn't ever have cancellations. He never tells us, never mind.  And, of course, He won't leave us stranded! What He has said - is said, and remains. He will not cancel His peace, grace, mercy, or love! He never takes us somewhere and then tells us its' not convenient to get us back home. 

God continues to love with the same love He's always had for us. His peace is still intact. His mercy and grace still cover and carry us. He will not cancel anything. He didn't even cancel the cross. And no one would have blamed Him if He had. Everything He's said, done, and given us still stands. Time won't erase them or make them fade. And He's not going to cancel any of them - ever!

Today, I will be thankful for His consistency. My meditations will be on all the things He has done and continues to do for us. I'll rejoice in the truth that He won't cancel His assignment of love toward me! Will you join me?


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