One End to the Other

 I've been MIA for a few days. Just been too much on the plate. I won't go through my long list as I know you have one of your own. If we compared the two, it's likely to contain some very similar items, I'm sure. Our day-to-day tasks of caregiving are probably almost identical. Then we each have our mix of extras that each have the potential to be the proverbial straw breaking the camel's back. Can you relate? 

I only have one thing to say about all that - But God. Doesn't He always come through? I often find myself on the other side of one of life's confusing mazes, wondering just how He got me through it. Honestly, I'm on the going-in side of one in my life right now - but I know He's never failed, and I know He'll show me where to put my feet. If I put my feet where He just stepped - I know I'll be good! I was pouring it all out in my journal this morning, and this little poem popped out... So, I wanted to share it with my fellow caregivers. I know you "get it."

One End to the Other 

Overload & overwhelm

That's my life right now

I need to rest

I need to work

But I don't know how.

Anxiety & Calm

Two extremes I know

It's all messed up

And it's all okay

Both ways my emotions go.

Forgetfulness & Memories

Rolled up into one

I'm sad

I'm glad

Maybe I'm just done.

Faith & Tenacity

I know who I trust 

He's got me, I remind myself

From beginning to the end.

Immovable & Present

That's the God I love

Carrying me

Helping me

Adoring me from above.

Settled & Sure

Resting in Him

It's how each day gets done

One foot 

In front of the other

Until life's race is run.

(C) J. Olinger 8/31/2022

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