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 If you listen to the leading caregiving experts, mental health professionals, and medical providers, they will tell you how important it is to have a support system. My first thought is, well, great, I got no one. Lol. But when I expand my thinking a bit, I can list a whole host of home health nurses, doctors, specialists, and case managers that it takes to keep Chris happy and healthy. I have my niece, who comes faithfully on Fridays to give me a couple of hours for self-care or to run errands. And if I had an emergency, I have a couple of people I could call at least. 

If I expand my mind a little further, I can remind myself of numerous friends, literally around the globe, who I can call with prayer needs. There are at least 2 or 3 I could make a middle-of-the-night call to if need be. I wouldn't do that - waking them up probably wouldn't help the situation, but it helps to know they are there. Knowing there are people out there who can touch heaven when I need it most helps a lot! Maybe we should start a caregiver prayer network!!

Nature has support systems too. I have some roses that I bought myself last week. Don't judge - it's self-care. Lol! They are wilting and have "no hope." Why don't they have hope? Because there are no roots to help bring them back to life. While we can think of our support system as fingered roots, nothing beats being rooted in the Prince of Peace.

When we are rooted in Him, we have a support system that will never fail and never die. We have hope. I don't know what the Sons of Korah were dealing with when they wrote Psalm 42, but they seemed to be in distress. In verses 5 and 11, they mention being "cast down" or downcast. Then in true psalmist fashion, they encouraged themselves by saying, hope in God followed by their personal declaration, I shall yet praise Him. (NKJV) They recognized that no matter how low life's circumstances had pressed them, God was their help. 

Today, I will remind myself that all true hope comes from God. My meditations will be on being firmly planted and rooted in Him - the Prince of Peace. My declaration will be My hope is in God alone; I will praise Him. He doesn't change with the waves of life. He remains constant. And even if He ends up carrying me through today again - I can trust Him with my heart. Will you join me?

Today's FB Live video on hope and roots.


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