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No matter what your caregiving situation is, some things are just difficult. Some caregivers have a little leeway and can leave their loved ones alone for short periods so they can run errands or get out for a walk. Others, like my own situation, are such that our loved ones cannot be left alone even for a short time because they are total care.

When I was caring for my aunt, she used a walker, and that made it difficult to get in and out of places. She walked so slowly, it was laborious. If I take my son somewhere, there is loading, strapping in, driving to the location, unstrapping, and unloading. Then repeat all that when we are ready to go home or somewhere else. It's not difficult, but it does complicate what is a simple task for most. Add to that the difficulty of true accessibility, and you've got someone like me who is more content to just stay home. lol. 

When I first became a caregiver, not being able to attend church was difficult. Later, I tried, but there were so many pieces to the puzzle. We couldn't do "home groups" as most homes are not accessible. (That's my new dream - to build a fully accessible home!) Many stores say they are accessible - they follow the letter of the law, but they do not make it easy to push a chair into their establishment. It's frustrating to not be able to access stores, churches, and homes like we'd like to. 

This is one thing I love about God. He makes it so easy to get to Him no matter where we are coming from. Everyone can find Him if they seek for Him. He is totally accessible from any heart in any condition. He won't turn a person away because they are too bad, too dark, too confused, too lonely, too hurt, or too anything. He makes sure we know we can reach Him whenever we are ready.

Jeremiah 29:13 says You will seek Me and find Me, when you search for Me with all your heart. But look at the first part of verse 14: I will be found by you. He literally makes Himself accessible. It's like playing hide-n-seek with someone who won't hide and lets you find them. God doesn't turn anyone who seeks Him away. He won't say that our situations are too complex or confusing. He won't even tell us we are too emotional for Him. God doesn't tell us to talk more or talk less. He just bids us come.

Today, I will run to Him with all my baggage. I'll take Him my hurt, my joys, my confusion, my happiness, my sadness, and my whole self. I'll thank Him for being fully accessible with no hitches in the process. I'll turn my heart to seek Him on a deeper level today, knowing that He will let me find Him! I love that. Not only will God let us find Him, but He'll lead us right to Himself, where we can give our souls a cool refreshing drink of His peace and comfort. So, if you look for me - I'll be with Him drinking in His peace because it's always accessible! 

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