me and Chris at his first ever 5K

There are many blessings along life's highway, am I right? As caregivers, each day can bring many blessings, and as I'm learning to look for things to be thankful for, no matter how small they may seem, blessings abound around me. It's funny how we find "new" things when our perspective changes. But some days are harder than others. And sometimes, blessings bring along a bit of trouble. A new car comes with the obligation of making a payment, maintenance requirements, tags, and insurance. A new house comes with a mortgage and upkeep. 

Recently, my son was able to get a SmartVest, which is a percussion vest that vibrates to "beat" against his chest and break up junk in his lungs. It was such a blessing. It seems to truly help keep him clearer from day to day. But, of course, it came at a cost. Not money, but time. He is to wear it twice a day and let it do its thing for 20 minutes each time. I was so happy to get it, then realized the time commitment involved. I've adjusted and worked it right into our daily schedules. But I was overwhelmed for a little while by "just one more thing" that I had to try and squeeze into our heavily scheduled days.

It's so easy to find ourselves in a state of overwhelm, even with the good things that happen. It's great to find physical therapy professionals that will help, but then there is the huge chunk of time it takes. It seems crazy, doesn't it? We are so thankful and so overwhelmed. Oh, the emotional dichotomy. So extreme. So raw. So real. I'm so glad that His shoulders are broad enough to carry it all, no matter how crazy our emotions or lives are. Nothing is too heavy for Him, and He never tells us that He won't help. 

Today, I will continue to thank Him for the blessings as I pray for wisdom to arrange them into my days. I'll remind myself that He's carrying them for me, and He's carrying me too! My meditation will be on how present He is to help, whether I need tears wiped away or a heavy burden transferred from one place to the next. I'll grab a snack instead of lunch and trust that He's got me covered before and behind with enough grace for today. Will you join me?


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