Over and Over and Over Again


chris and kyrie at the park in Norman, OK

My mind is like a locomotive on a circular track. It goes round and round with no clear stopping spots. As caregivers, there are lots of things to juggle. And that's an everyday thing. Every once in a while, surprises happen, too, like someone wrecking our cars, our loved one getting sick, no supplies this month, and so forth, that complicates our already full and complicated mental strain. It's so difficult to find those restful moments where we can stop, right? 

My quietest time is early in the morning. I get up and make my first pot of coffee. While it's brewing, I change and turn Chris. Then he usually goes right back to sleep while I grab that first cup, my Bible, and my journal. If I don't get this quiet, reflective, prayerful time in that time slot, it's usually gone for the rest of the day. I am learning to stop during the day and just read a chapter in a book or unplug for a minute or two. That's helpful. 

In our busy days, it's easy for our thoughts to stray. They take off in a flash and are miles away before I stop and remind myself to reel them back in. Some days, I have to do that all day long, time and time again. And I think God is okay with that - He gets us, first of all. And as long as we are in constant reeling in mode - it's okay because He's got us. So, if we need to pull our thoughts back to God and His word over and over and over again every single day, I believe His peace still has us covered.

In Isaiah 26:3, the Amplified version reads You will guard him and keep him in perfect and constant peace whose mind [both its inclination and character] is stayed on You, because He commits himself to You, lean on You, and hopes confidently in You. I think it pleases Him that we keep coming back as many times as it takes. Don't you? I think He realizes that our brains are like busy train stations with busy thoughts bustling in and out and about all day long. So, He created and opened up a constant flow of peace. It doesn't turn off, run out, or dry up. We just have to keep coming back to Him (the spout) as many times as it takes.

I love that about Him, so today, I will run to Him over and over and over again. Why? Because I trust Him. He's walked with me through every single one of my todays so far, and I trust He'll be in this moment in today's today as well. I'll remind myself that He is the one I trust. I will let my heart trust in His ever-flowing, never-ending peace today. I'll pull my heart and my brain right up under that faucet and let His peace drench my soul as I continue to learn to rest in Him. Will you join me under the spout?


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