Sunrise Sunset


One of my favorite things to do is to make the short drive down to Lake Hefner and watch the sunset. as silly as that may sound, being near the lake and two other walking paths influenced my apartment choice. It's literally about a 5-minute drive to the lake. We go down and park on the north side, and I push him down to the lighthouse and back. So far, I've never been disappointed!

After watching the sunset at the lake last night, I got up this morning and headed toward the dumpster to take the trash out. There was the most gorgeous sunrise to greet me. Well, you know, that got me thinking. It was the exact same sun we watched "go down" last night, and here it was to greet me in the morning too. The only thing that had changed was my perspective.

Sunsets can be brilliant and bright with deep orange hues. Sunrises are often bright and yellow as they light up the daytime sky. Either way, it's beautiful, and it sends us different signals. In the evening, the sunsetting tells us it's time to slow down, wind down, and get ready for a restful night's sleep. In the morning, the brightness signals it's time to get up and about and get busy with the day's doings.

As I was thinking about all this, my thoughts went to how Go keeps us day in and day out - sunrise to sunset - to sunrise again. He continues to protect our hearts through the longest nights and the darkest days. He's always right there whether we see Him or not. Of course, we know the sun doesn't literally go away at night. It's the earth that's turning - not the sun moving around us like was once the thought. So, whether it is nighttime or a super cloudy day - the sun is still there - even when we cannot see it. It's still doing its "work."

I think God is like that too. He's always there even when we cannot "see" His work. Sometimes our emotions cloud our sight, and we can't see Him from the bottom side of the clouds. But He's still there. He hasn't moved - we did. During those dark nights of the soul, we can't see Him - but He hasn't moved. He is always right there, right where we left Him.

Many times we are tempted to throw in our proverbial towel - and sometimes, those feelings come several times in a day. Or in an hour. Or in a minute. Those are times we must remind ourselves that He is still there - He has not moved. He is still with us.

Today, I'll meditate on how God is always "there," just like the sun. It's life that moves us around, and we often cannot see Him. I'll turn my thoughts to how He is bright, light, and brilliant all the time, no matter what my skies look like. I'll remind myself that He is constant, and I am not. I'll be thankful that His brilliance is not influenced by my position or circumstances. I'll trust that He is here. Will you join me?


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