What To-Do About To-Do Lists

Chris in the standing frame

 I don't know about anyone else, but it sure seems like my to-do list(s) are growing lately. Is this happening to you? I'm tied up until noon, pretty much just getting Chris's food ready for the day. I've been feeding him a blenderized diet for some time now. As beneficial as it is, it is also time-consuming. I did figure out to do all his tube feedings for the day in the morning, then I'm not making meals all day long. I guess it is more efficient. Who knows? Lol.

Of course, food prep is mixed in with getting him bathed, dressed, up, and in the living room. I think I eat breakfast in there somewhere. Oh yeah, and do the FaceBook Live devotions and write this devotion. Whew! I'm tired now just thinking about all that.

Then comes the afternoon, which is filled with Chris' therapy. We do the standing frame, range of motion, and all sorts of exercises. No wonder I feel like I can't get any "real" work done, right? Lol. I also have a long list of places I need to call, like getting the van serviced, changing my cell phone carrier, and scheduling a fireplace cleaning for the fall. But all of those cost money, right? Which means I need to work. Oh my - I think my head is spinning. Does anyone relate? I know many of you may have far more on your plate than I do, and I am so sorry.

Does it ever feel like your to-do list just keeps growing, but your to-done list doesn't? I remind myself nightly to keep from saying things like, "I didn't get anything done today." I DID get things done - even though I have lots remaining on my to-do list. In the natural, it's easy to feel like a failure. But we much reach deep into our spirit man and remind ourselves that we are victors. Every day we survive caregiving makes us winners!

Today is a good day to take a deep breath, pour another cup of coffee or tea, and remind ourselves of who we are in Him. Caregiving doesn't define us - it's what we do. He defines and describes us as children of the King, believers, sons and daughters, Kingdom dwellers, and those worth the blood of His dear son. That shifts the perspective a little, doesn't it? 

Today, while I try once again to whittle away at this growing to-do list, I will remind myself of the Kingdom I belong to. I'll ask God to remind me who I am to Him. My meditations will be on His undying love for me (is that possible? YES!), of His never-ending and always-reaching grace, and I will choose to rest in Him, even while I am working. Will you join me?

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