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chris seeming to enjoy being outside

Last night was one of those long ones caregivers dread. Not only was I up with my son through the night, but I also wasn't feeling well either. Those nights and long days can also make us feel like there is no end in sight. Now that I am up and going (because I have no other choice, right?), I feel pretty good. Just a little tired, but I'm pretty sure I'm not going to die. Lol.

During those long nights, we often feel so alone, so lost, so confused, and frustrated. There's a whole range of emotions that can run the gamut while you're up all night seeing to your loved one. Those long nights are often followed by days of exhaustion, concern, and wondering what's next. Tiredness lends itself to feelings of despair. And I'll be the first to tell you that it's a lot to try and fight off. But we do it over and over again. Am I right?

This morning I spent my whole devotion in Philippians. I did my FaceBook Live about it too. (See video below!) Paul spent the whole letter encouraging the Philippians while he himself was sitting in a prison cell. Maybe he was just telling them the things he needed to hear to keep going. (Lol - I do that a lot!)

We may feel alone - but God is with us. We may feel weak - but God fills us with His strength. We can feel like failures - but God always leads us to victory. He doesn't disqualify anyone from His blessings, peace, guidance, strength, compassion, love, or grace because of circumstances. He just bids us to come and find rest for our souls. Even if our bodies feel tired and worn out, He pours His strength into our souls and revives us. Just about the time we feel like we can't keep going - He'll grab hold of our hand and pull us close to His heart, where our strength, joy, and outlook are all renewed in an instant. 

Today, I plan on leaning into Him just a little more closely while I trust Him to carry me. I'll remind myself that God loves me and I am His - so I should be kind to myself. :-) My meditations will be on waiting on Him for His strength and relying on Him to carry me through this long day. I'll remind myself that He's done it time and time again and today is NOT the day He's going to stop being my strength, joy, comfort, or peace. I'll trust Him for one more day - will you join me?

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