Still the Same

chris looking at his neice

 Well, it's almost a new year, and I guess you know what that means! Pretty much nothing, huh? Oh, if we write the date now, we'll switch out the last 2 for a 3! That's about it. There's no magic potion or button that gets pushed at midnight to signal anything new except on a calendar. I do like a new year, as it gives us a chance to reassess the previous year and choose what we'd like to change, set new goals, and things like that. But really, nothing changes at midnight tonight - but that's not all bad.

We'll wake up tomorrow still caregiving, still working, still doing our daily chores while the rest of the world gets to take a holiday. Hopefully, some of us will get precious time with friends or family to make the day brighter. But whatever caregiving situation we are in won't change tonight when the clock strikes 12. Again - that's not all bad!

When we wake up tomorrow in a new year, we'll still have everything God promised us. We'll find that His mercies are still being renewed every single morning, and tomorrow will be no different. His heart is still filled with love for us, and His grace will continue being enough to carry us through whatever we face each day of the coming year. His peace (that He gives us) will still be intact. His presence will be just as real and as tangible as we let it be! So "nothing changes" is actually a pretty good thing, I think!

So, I don't have to dread tomorrow - because God's kingdom won't change while we sleep tonight. Every promise He's ever made will still be active as we flip the calendar to a new year. I love that about God. He doesn't change in response to anything that goes on "down here." He is still full of grace, love, mercy, and loving kindness. We can be certain that He'll carry us through next year just like He has this year. That makes me smile - because He has no plans of leaving us stranded in our crazy emotions, anxious thoughts, and hectic lives.

Today, I will be thankful that God is still God, and nothing will change about Him - including how much He loves us and wants to be with us. I'll remind myself that His grace is always enough for any situation and that He's still got me! (One thing I am so thankful doesn't ever change!) So this next year, I just plan on continuing to trust Him for each new day. Will you join me?

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  1. Wishing you and your son a very blessed new year. Thank you for the encouragement I have received throughout this past year from your insightful posts here.

    1. I pray you and your family have a wonderfully blessed year too! Thanks for sharing and reading! I'm so glad the posts have been encouraging!



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