Casting Call

Chris holding a football

 Cares come in many shapes and sizes, don't they? As "care" givers, we have a lot of cares. Sometimes, I feel kinda silly that smaller things can carry so much emotional weight. But when you are already emotionally overloaded even the smallest thing weighs more. Something like my shoe coming untied can have me in tears or upset way beyond what it's worth, you know? (I hope you don't - but I suspect you do.)

This morning, I was running through my list of "cares" with God. I was going through each one, asking for wisdom, for His touch, direction, etc. By the time I got through my mental list, I was concerned about the first items all over again. So I just went back through them. Then I realized I was casting my cares over for Him to carry. I decided this is something I really need to work on - casting, then casting, again and again until I can let Him carry them all for me. So, today, I am determined to practice casting. To get good at something, anything, it take practice, right? Well, I want to get skilled at casting cares over to Him.

I love football, and so in my mind I'm drawing a parallel. The quarterback throws, laterals, or tosses the football to another player and then guess what. He lets him carry it toward the goal. He doesn't run over there and take the ball back from the receiver if he's not moving fast enough. That would make a ridiculous game, wouldn't it? We (or should I say - I), run around a lot more than we need to trying to take it all back from Him instead of letting Him carry said care in for the goal.

So, today, I will practice casting my cares over to Him and then letting Him carry them for me. If I need to do it a million times today - so be it! When anything bothering me, worrying me, or disrupting my peace comes to mind - I'm tossing it to Him. Then, I'll let Him carry it - I'll let Him care for me - meaning I don't have to do it anymore! And I will trust Him for just one more day. Do you have any cares you need to practice casting to Him? Will you join me?

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