The Best of Them

Chris sitting up at Project 34

 This morning, I woke up early and was "sorting through" several situations I'm dealing with. Okay, so I was worrying a little bit, okay? Lol. the list seems to be growing longer rather than shorter, really. I was seriously taking them all to God in prayer. I started thinking what a mess I've made in so many areas over my lifetime. I prayed about that too! Then, I started thinking about so many of the Bible characters. Some of them were real "characters" too. Not one of them was perfect and no one had everything together. I'm pretty sure that only in a make believe world everything is perfect.

I started running my mind through all the stories in the Bible, and not one of them displayed a perfect person, except Jesus, of course. There was Abraham, the friend of God. He lied about Sarah being his wife out of fear. Then there was David. The "man after God's own heart" who committed adultery and then murdered a man to cover it up. Peter denied that he even knew Jesus, again out of fear. Paul killed many Christians before his conversion. Moses was on the backside of the wilderness because he had fled after killing an Egyptian. No one was perfect, yet God met them right where they were in their rocky circumstances - and He still used them.

As I thought through this list of people God used, I reminded myself that He can see into my circumstances too - imperfect though they may be. Secretly, I was really excited to not be able to find anyone God visited in the Bible who was perfect or in perfect situations. That would indicate that we are not excluded either. If He'll visit Moses, David, Hagar, and the woman at the well (we don't even know her name!), He will visit us too. 

He never looks at our circumstances and declares them to be too complicated for Him to navigate. Wouldn't it be discouraging to get a note stating He'll visit once we get everything together? There isn't one account in the Word like that - He walked right into every situation no matter how messy and brought hope, peace, and love. He'll do the same for us today!

Today, I'm going to remind myself that God's not waiting on me to get everything in its proper place. He is only waiting on my open invitation. So, I'll invite Him to walk with me through this crazy day called "today" with me. I'll remind myself that He is present - in the mess, in the problems, in the situations because He wants to be. I'll take a big breath and breathe out silent thanksgiving to Him for just being with me right here and right now. Since I know how imperfect others He chose are - I know I'm hanging with the best of them. So, I will trust Him for one more day. Will you join me?


  1. Thank you for these words of encouragement, I so much needed them today!

    1. Thank you for reading!! I'm so happy to hear you found some encouragement!


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