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Chris at bluff creek

As fellow caregivers, I don't have to talk to you about those long nights we often endure. The last few nights have been those types of nights, as my son has been ill. He made a turn for the worse over the weekend, and I found out yesterday that the tests ordered by the doc's office on Friday showed bacterial infection of some kind. But, of course, they had the weekend off. I'll spare you all the details, which you are probably very familiar with anyway! Suffice it to say that had I not called yesterday to say -something is still off - they wouldn't have told me until today. But we would have been in the hospital by then, no doubt!

My point is that it was inconvenient for them to take care of this situation since it happened before the weekend. They clock out at 4 on Friday and go home, leaving my son to get sicker so they can have time off. And, of course, they need time off, right! I say all this to say that after haggling with them all day and riding them to get something done, last night was still a long night of keeping a watch on oxygen levels and temperatures. 

When I got up this morning, I was thankful we hadn't had to make a hospital run, and all of Chris' numbers are good. I've even turned his oxygen down a bit, and he should get off it later today. I began to thank God for improvement. And then I just outright thanked Him for not taking weekends off! Lol. Isaiah 40:28 reminds us that He doesn't get weary (although I do!!), and He never gets tired (I am!). And Isaiah 43, which is one of my favorites, reminds us that He is with us through the fire, flood, and anything else that comes our way.

That got me to thinking even more, and my mind began to run through scriptures where God showed up instead of clocking out.

  • Hagar: God showed up, not once, but twice for Hagar!
  • Moses: Moses was living in a self-imposed exile because he had killed an Egyptian. God showed up in a burning bush at a very lonely time.
  • 3 Hebrew Children: God walked through the fire with them!
  • Daniel: God's angel came to shut the lions' mouths.
  • Storms: Jesus walked out to His disciples in the middle of the storm.
I am tired today - but rejoicing that God doesn't sit on the outskirts of our situations waiting for things to get better to make an entrance! Instead, He stays right in the mix and walks, swims, paddles, or runs through them with us!

Today, I will be thankful that God doesn't clock out and go home. I'll remind myself that He doesn't stay on the outskirts cheering us on - but rolls up His sleeves and walks through our complicated lives with us. I'm going to make sure I stay close enough to Him today to rest my heart in His. Will you join me?


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