Back to Basics Again

Chris standing tall

 I'm sorry for my absence; my son and I have both had Covid - and that included a nearly week-long stay in the hospital for him. That was "fun." Lol. But I think we are finally on the mend. You know, there isn't anything but adversity that can test our faith. Struggles have a way of forcing us into self-evaluation mode. At least, that's the effect they have on me. I start trying to figure out what is working and what's not working. My hope is that after each struggle (for there are many), I can emerge stronger and smarter, as well as with my faith intact.

Isn't that what our Bible heroes did? I love reading the stories of how they overcame their struggles to fight through and continue trusting God. As caregivers, we do the same thing. We have enough "troubles for each day," as Jesus said. No one is going to argue with that! Then extra adversity on top of our caregiving can try to topple our faith. We've lived through some long, hard nights and days only to emerge with our faith in place. We are still reaching for Him. We are still searching for His wisdom. Here we are on the other side of numerous battles that He has brought us through. And in the process, we are being readied for new battles we've not yet faced. But in the midst of the struggle, we find ourselves going right back to the basics. Sometimes, it's those "basics" that carry us through.

When things get too tough, and I'm grasping for faith - I find I go back to the most basic concepts. God exists. Sometimes, that's all I know for sure. It's okay to start there. Because once I remind myself that I cannot change that basic belief, my tiny faith-seeking fingers start reaching for His heart once again. And you know what? He meets me there every.single.time.

Today, though my soul feels a bit lost in the dark, I will remind myself that God is right here. Not only will He not go anywhere - He literally can't go anywhere. He is everywhere, so He is here with me, and if He tried to leave me - He'd still be here. Lol. I will encourage myself with the truth that He isn't going anywhere, and He doesn't abandon ship just because the waters get rocky. I can (and will) trust Him for one more day. Will you join me?


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