Can't Deny or Explain!

 We have all been through many trials in our lives. We are either going through something, just coming out of something, or are headed right into a new "something." As caregivers, we live in a trial. It's not that caregiving isn't beautiful, because it is. But it's also trying, rigorous, and tiring. It's an always-on thing - many of us don't get breaks at all. Personally, I have to pay a sitter to get a break, and quite honestly, I can't afford what I need. Lol. 

But here's the thing. No matter how difficult or easy a day may be - God walks through it with us. He never packs it all up and says, "I'm outa here." I'm crazy enough; I wouldn't blame Him if He did! Lol. His mercy can reach into those long, dark nights as well as sustain us through difficult days. There's no way for an honest person to deny His faithfulness, His mercy, His sustaining grace, and His ever-abiding presence. But that doesn't mean we can explain it either.

I honestly do not know how He has sustained me on this nearly 15-year caregiving journey. I've tried to give up numerous times. I've even tried to quit praying. That usually only lasts for a few seconds before I realize I'm talking to God again through my tears or pain. Yet He is faithful. That just blows my mind!

I can't deny His grace has been sufficient, just like He promised Paul in 2 Corinthians 12. But I certainly can't explain how His grace steps in just when I need it and carries me through another moment. (I would say day - but sometimes, as you know, it's moment by moment!)

Today, I will remind myself of how God has carried me through these years. I will quiet my heart and rest in His love, letting His grace take over. I will meditate on all He's brought me through so far - and then use it to "encourage myself," since I know He's still got me. I'll meditate on how He doesn't have the capacity to leave me (like people do). And I'll rest in the truth that He's got me and He's not going to let me go. Not today - not any day! So, I will trust Him with today - will you join me?

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