Piece by Piece

 The road to caregiving looks different for each caregiver. For some, it involves watching an elderly loved one slowly slip into dementia. For others, it involved a frantic call in the middle of the night. No matter how we got "here," our world can feel fractured and anything but whole. Our BC (before caregiving) lives get left far behind, and many times we struggle to keep it together mentally and emotionally. It takes its toll.

But then there is the coolest thing. God's not afraid of our brokenness. He's not afraid to work with every little piece. In my mind's eye, I see my life shattered and scattered all over the floor (at least the life I used to know). But God picks up each piece and holds it close as He carefully looks at it. I imagine Him thinking, Oh, I know where this piece goes. And He begins to put the puzzle together piece by piece. Turns out that it's my heart.

I've been trying to "work the puzzle" without a view of what the final product should look like. So, I struggle to find which piece goes where. However, God knows the final picture, so it's easier to piece it together like a big Jigsaw puzzle. We can be sure that He is working toward wholeness as He gingerly pieces our hearts together.

heart-shaped puzzle

And you know what? He's not afraid of any of the pieces - no matter how many there are. No piece is too small or too large for Him to pick up and attend to, as He literally pulls our souls back together. I love that God is not afraid of our messy lives. He not only sees the final picture, He can't wait to get us there!

Today, I will remind myself that God is in control. I'll try not to worry about the mess I see and feel. Instead, I will work on resting in Him and letting Him do all the work to piece it together. I'll also tell myself that it is okay to not know what the final picture looks like. Today, I will remind myself that my job is to just trust Him for each step, each piece, and each second of today. Will you join me?


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