Some Things Never Change

 This afternoon, I was working through a bunch of emotional stuff. You'd think by 62 years of age, I'd have a few more things figured out. But here I am, sorting through the same ole stuff again and again. As caregivers, we deal with so many things that seem somewhat cyclical - loneliness, fear, overwhelm.... fill in the blank. I thought to myself, some things never change. 

Usually, when we use or hear this phrase, it's referring to something somewhat negative. Many times, I've witnessed the shaking of the head as someone says some things never change. But after I heard that thought run through my brain, I erased the negative connotation immediately. Perhaps it's true that some of the day-to-days of caregiving don't get much better; maybe they don't change at all. But I began to run through quite an extensive list of some things that never change - and it's a good thing.

I started with grace. God's grace never changes. It hasn't changed one iota since He told Paul in 2 Corinthians 12:9 My grace is sufficient for you. Some things never change. We can count on God's grace being sufficient for us today, the same as it was yesterday, and it will be again tomorrow. 

Secondly, I thought of God's mercy. He continues to extend His mercy to us - no matter what life brings. No matter what we do right, wrong, or indifferent, His mercy sustains us. Then I thought of His love. I am pretty sure if anyone has ever tested His love - it's me. There are those long nights when I go off on an emotional rant, dumping all the junk that's in my heart (fear, doubt, sadness, grief - and the list goes on) right out at His feet. And He just keeps loving me - why - I have no idea. But it's only a matter of minutes, even during the darkest night, before His love can break through the hardened outer layers of my heart and bring reassurance of His love. No matter how ugly the cry - or loud the shouting, His love is still poured out in my heart.

His ever-abiding presence also made the some things never change list. He never says I'm too crazy for Him. He doesn't pack up and move away. He just remains and remains faithful. Every long, dark, hopeless night - He's right there. Every day that has brought good news or bad - He's right there. Whether I stumble or fall, He stays. Man, I'm so glad that some things never change. The coolest thing is I can't do one thing to make these things change. He won't leave us - He won't take back His mercy or grace. And He won't stop loving us.

Today, I will rejoice in these things that will never change. I'll raise my tear-stained face and rough, caregiving hands to Him, even when my strength is gone. I'll thank Him for scooping me up out of the mire of life when I just don't have the strength to stand. My meditations will be on how He carries me when my strength runs low, and I'll thank Him for one more day when some things never change. Will you join me?


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  1. I have missed reading your thoughts over the past few weeks. Good to see you back today. And what a powerful message, just what I needed today! Yes some things don't change, praise God for that!

    1. Thank you so much for reading! I hope to be back to some sort of "normal" this week!


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