Always On Call

Chris and his sister, Ronella

 I was reading a post on caregiver "self-care" this morning. It mentioned how we are always on call. I started thinking about that and realizing my lack of breaks of late. The lack of a break and midnight runs to the ER just don't mix. Hence, I've been out of pocket the last few days due to running behind.  Whether we are full-time caregivers or long-distance caregivers, we are always on. It's so easy for our lives to become imbalanced, and midnight runs to the hospital don't help. Lol.

No matter what our caregiving situation is, we don't get real time off. Our phones must remain on for those just-in-case moments. It can be tiring and wearing, especially on our emotions. I was praying about that this morning. Okay, so I was whining about it to God. Lol. But He listened anyway.

I realized God is always on call too. He designed it all that way. I love that He is always there, always in our here, always listening to our hearts and seeing our silent tears. Whether we are up at night monitoring temperatures and oxygen levels or find ourselves sitting all night in the ER with our loved ones, He is there. He is attentive, even to the things we cannot use words to express. And I am thankful.

We are never gonna start praying only to be greeted with an "I'm sorry, I'm out of the office until..." message. We won't get a busy signal (remember those? lol) or an answering machine. We won't even reach someone who doesn't speak our language. Actually, God knows our caregiver language quite well. He knows what our silence is saying. He hears the deepest cries of our hearts - the ones we don't even understand fully. He hears the words and emotions behind every tear - even the ones that don't escape our eyes to run down our cheeks. He even gets all the feelings that thrust out the deepest sighs. And He still doesn't take a moment off from watching over us and caring for us.

Today, I will remind my tired self that He's still got me. My thoughts will be on how somehow He continues to give me strength even after I'm sure mine ran out long ago. I'll focus on His soul-sustaining power, and trust Him for one more day. Will you join me?


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