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Worth the Wait

Chris enjoying being outside at Bluff Creek

 As caregivers, our days provide many opportunities to make decisions. Some of them are simple, and others are often life-changing. It's never easy to make decisions that directly affect another person. Yet day after day, we are faced with decision-making necessities. At any given time, we can have a list of decisions that need to be made. Hopefully, most of them are non-pressure decisions, so that we have plenty of time to consider every aspect. But for me, given too much time to think can suck me into a horrible place mentally and emotionally until I am totally overwhelmed and nearly rendered unable to make a good choice.

This week, I've been suddenly faced with a big decision to make. I've been toying with some ideas, but it has become more of a necessity at this point. I was almost to the point of being overwhelmed and frustrated when it dawned on me that I can literally give it to God and wait for Him to answer. Novel idea, right?!

My mind started rehearsing several scriptures that have to do with waiting. When we wait on God, He strengthens our hearts. (Psalm 27:14) When we wait on the Lord, He will renew our strength. (Isaiah 40:31) It's starting to sound like a really good thing to wait on Him. But, man, is it hard sometimes. We have a great example in Abraham. God made Abraham and Sarah a promise, but they decided not to wait and ended up with an Ishmael. While God blessed Ishmael, he was not the seed of the promise, and they all found themselves in a big mess. One that continues until today, actually.

But in Genesis 22, it seems Abraham learned to wait on God. He demonstrated that he could obey God by taking Isaac up to the altar of sacrifice. In Romans 4, scriptures reveal that Abraham trusted God so much that he knew if he obeyed God - that God would raise Isaac from the dead if need be. I think we see that Abraham figured out it was worth the wait, as he just trusted God for the outcome and walked in obedience.

Today, I want to figure that out. I want to be able to put things in God's hands, walk away, and wait for Him. I'll wait for instruction, further direction, understanding, or an obvious answer. But I am determined to wait for Him instead of trying to plow a way through without faith. God has proven trustworthy, has He not? We can trust Him. Will  you join me in the "waiting room?"


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  1. I am so much in that waiting room with you sister, it's not easy, but when we are so spent there isn't much else we can do but look up. Prayers for you today.

    1. I'm kind of sorry I am not alone in the waiting room! Thanks for being there with us though! Looking up is a huge plus, thanks for the prayers. And thanks for reading.


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