Earth Shattering

Chris and I at Red Rock Canyon

 This morning, my mind was racing with all sorts of stuff. We all live in a very hectic world. There's a lot going on, even if we weren't caregivers. Add caregiving responsibilities, choices, and tasks to this hectic lifestyle, and it's easy to become completely overwhelmed. Just taking care of another whole person is overwhelming most of the time, right?

As I realized my mind was racing so much around so many things I need to do and choices I need to make, I grabbed for a scripture. It's familiar, and we mention it a lot on this blog. Psalm 46:10 reminds us to be still and, at the same time for us to know He is God. Those two things helped me calm my heart and mind. I had to first be still. That takes a lot of work for me! Lol. I'm not sure I can fully acknowledge Him as God until I can get my mind out of hyperdrive, though. 

Once I thought of the scripture, I opened up my Bible to take another look at the entire psalm. The first verse is another anchor for my soul and has been for years. It covers so many things. 

  • God is our refuge.
  • God is my strength.
  • God is present in trouble - He doesn't disappear when things get tough.
My heart and mind began to settle down as I reminded myself that God has me. He is in my "today." Right here and right now - God is present. 

Then, I began reading the next couple of verses. There are some real serious things mentioned here like the earth "being removed" - the mental image of that is massive! Mountains are being "carried" into the sea and wiped off the planet. That's dramatic, right? At least things are quite that bad yet.

But then I thought about our caregiving journeys. In many ways, it's been an earth-shattering experience for us. For many of us, our whole worlds were put on hold, shifted around, and don't even bear a resemblance to life BC. (Before caregiving.) Yet, even in the middle of it all, no matter how hectic, how hurtful, how traumatic, we can hold onto these three things.

  • God is still our refuge.
  • God is still our strength.
  • God is still present in all our troubles.
Since God is still God - I can be still and acknowledge Him even in the middle of the frayed nerves, silent tears, and disrupted routines. He still has my heart in His. He still has my hand in His. I feel a gentle calm as I thank Him for still being here. I hope you do too.


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