True Accessibility

Chris standing at my sister's house

Many caregivers care for loved ones with mobility issues. My son, for instance, is in a chair. My aunt, whom I took care of, walked with the aid of a cane or walker and still needed some assistance many days. Many places follow the "letter of the law" by adding accessibility features like ramps. But it doesn't take long to discover that even though they say they are "accessible" they are far from it. One business we went to has a very steep, short ramp to use to get into their building. It's accessible - but not safe, especially for older caregivers like me who need to push 200 pounds up that ramp! Lol.

Calling ahead is no help. Most places will tell you that you can get a chair in their establishment. They fail to communicate what it may take to do so! One hotel told me I could get my son's chair in any downstairs room. And I could, but that was it. I could only get it in the room and turn the chair next to the bed to transfer him. He had no access to the restroom or the rest of the room. Smh. I don't let it get to me anymore. I usually can figure something out - if there's anything to work with.

More recently, we visited a church to attend a Christian concert. The very helpful staff ushered us and another family up the elevator so we could be seated in the balcony, where we could see the show comfortably. We walked to the balcony entrance only to come to a set of stairs. Our small group stood in awkward silence for a couple of loooong seconds. Finally, I said something to Chris about not being up for that adventure. We all laughed, and it was all good - we ended up with a nice spot downstairs anyway. 

They were trying to be helpful - but just didn't think about the stairs. We were all able to laugh it off and enjoy the concert. 

Even places that say they are accessible, are often not accessible at all when it comes down to it. Many people just don't get it. But when God says He is accessible - He means it. We don't have to worry about a forgotten staircase, a steep ramp, or a door that's not wide enough for a chair! Lol. He welcomes us all and makes Himself accessible no matter what the shape of the heart.

Hebrews 4:16 bids us come - make an entrance before the very throne of grace to obtain mercy - and find the grace needed for the day. The blood of Jesus made the entry possible for everyone who believes. I picture God throwing open the doors of heaven's throne room and bidding us to come to Him. He is the purest picture of accessibility.

Today, I will meditate on how easy God made it for us to get to Him. It's like He's sittin' on the back porch of heaven sipping iced tea, waiting for us to show up and visit with Him today. I'll make it a point to stop by today. Will you join me?


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