Everyone Wants the "W"

Chris standing in his Top Gun shirt

 Caregiving is a journey on a road that has many hills and valleys. Some parts of the journey can seem like the hills and valleys are all bumped up next to each other, and there are no breaks in between. This is a pretty accurate description of one day. Sometimes, it explains the emotions of an hour. And sometimes, even less time can occur between the highs and lows. Highs and lows for caregivers can be in so many areas, and even all at the same time. Wins and losses all add up and we just hope that at the end of the day we are in the red emotionally.

No matter how the day's game plays out  - we all want the W in the end!

TheW, in sports terms, is the Win, ultimate victory! Everything doesn't have to run smoothly, and it doesn't have to be the greatest day ever - we just need to feel like we won the day as we crawl into bed each night.

When David was at Ziklag, he was in one of his lowest moments. He'd been rejected by the Philistine army, as the lead commander didn't trust David to fight for them against his own people. So, he and his army of 600 men went back to camp, only to find it all wiped out and all their loved ones carried away captive. 

Get this picture, now. All these Warriors are sitting around the burned-down city of Ziklag. They are all Weeping - big ole Warriors are Weeping or crying thier hearts out, because they are grieving over the loss. If they cried - I can cry too!

They were real Warriors with some serious Weapons. But David didn't gather the troops and head them right into battle. He Waited. First off, David encouraged himself in God's ability - not in his own. Then he asked God for Wisdom. David was an experienced, effective Warrior, yet he Waited for God's Word before he headed off to fight a battle. Once God promised the Win, David and his 600 men headed out.

How many times do we forget the Waiting part? I hurry about my day, because, quite honestly, as you know, there is a LOT to do! But the true Wins come in the Waiting.

Today, I purpose to wait on God instead of running through my tasks. I'll take the time to ask Him for Wisdom and I'll Wait for His answers. I'll Wait for His strength to carry me through the day, no matter what. The true W - Win, comes in the Waiting. Will you wait with me today?


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