Out to Sea

me with Chris in the standing frame

 Do you ever feel like you are just way out on the waves of life's sea, and everyone is on the shores waving and wishing you well? It's easy to feel like everyone has left, mostly because in most caregiving situations when it lasts more than a week or two - everyone does leave. They are not sure what to do with you or your loved one. 

This morning, I was thinking about Jonah and Noah. One of them (Noah) obeyed God to a T. The other one, (Jonah) disobeyed God deliberately and intentionally. But God made it His business to meet both of them right where they were. 

God met Noah in the Ark on the top of the water. He met Jonah in the belly of a fish at the bottom of the water. Their decisions to obey God or not put them in their positions in the water. But God met with both of them. He went out of His way to reach Noah and Jonah. This gives me some hope that no matter how I mess up or get things right, God will meet with me - because ultimately, it's the relationship with God that means the most in life. 

Sometimes, as a caregiver, I can feel like I'm sailing away gently on the surface of the sea. Other times, caregiving has me in the depths of despair, just hoping God can even see me at all. The cool thing is that no matter how I feel, God's passion for me (for you) is still the same. He will come out to sea to find us, redeem us, and converse with us. It gives me great peace to realize He won't just leave me out on the seas of life. He will come. He will comfort. He will instruct.

Today, I will rejoice because I know that God's still watching over me. I'll remind myself that whether I'm sailing nicely in a boat on top of everything emotionally today or sitting and sulking in the belly of a whale, God has just what I need. He will not avoid me like people tend to - He will actually go out of His way to make sure I remember I am still His. I will trust that I am still His today, and I'll trust Him for today. Will you join me?


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