Sink or Swim

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 I'm still thinking about Peter a lot. We like to think of him as a failure. After all, he did sink when he looked away from Jesus. But before you clutch your pearls, think of all those times your thoughts have strayed away, or you've looked the other way. I know I've done it lots of times. I did it before I was a caregiver, but caregiving has a way of sucking the life out of us. In our fight to survive, we can be easily distracted by the storms around us; all the while, His peace is standing right in front of us. 

Us church people often toss condemnation Peter's way because he took his eyes off Jesus. But, hey, at least he had enough momentary faith to get out of the boat! He didn't think about sinking, all he could think about was getting to Jesus, and a few bumps along the way totally distracted his journey on the top of the water. 

Jesus didn't let Peter fail. Even though it was Peter's fault for looking at the storm, Jesus still reached out a hand and helped pull Peter out of the water and put him back in the boat. How many times have I started a day of caregiving sitting in the boat declaring my faith or jumped out of the boat to get to Him? Then I stumble. I forget. I look at the enormous storm, the waves, and the wind. I sink into the tumultuous sea of emotions, and I'm soon swept under, unable to get my "head above water" again. I would drown there, too - if it weren't for the Prince of Peace who reaches out His hand to calm the storm in my heart.

 Even when we "sink," we find ourselves trusting Him, don't we? I've gotten mad at myself a few times because I wanted to NOT trust Him - but when I sank, there He was once again. He is faithful when we feel faith-less. He is the peace when our lives are in pieces. He is the stable factor entered into every day as we ride out the waves of emotions and struggles that come with caregiving. He is with us - whether we sink or swim.

Today, I'll remind myself that God is right here. He doesn't pack up and leave when the winds start to blow or the rain starts to fall. He doesn't throw His hands up in disgust because He's got to "save our soul" one more time. I'll thank Him for being the one constant in a world of twists, curves, and change. I'll remind myself that He's always reaching for my soul, so I can trust Him for one more day. Will you join me?


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