Road to Emmaus

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I love the Road to Emmaus story in the last chapter of Luke's gospel. But this morning, as I was reading it with fresh eyes, a couple of different things stood out to me. It's almost two stories in one since Jesus reveals Himself to the two walking on the road, then He does the same to the disciples later in the chapter.

As He approached the two men walking toward Emmaus, He recognized that they were sad. Jesus asked them what they were concerned about. We know that God doesn't need to ask us questions just to obtain information. Lol. They began to share their deep grief with Jesus as the three continued to walk toward Emmaus. As they shared their viewpoints about how the Messiah had come, and they had been disappointed when He was killed, but now they were hearing that He had been raised from the dead.

Jesus met them where they were in their belief system and in their doubts, and he began to explain all the OT prophecies pertaining to Him. Wouldn't that be an amazing experience? But they still missed it. Maybe it was because they were blinded by grief and disappointment. Boy, have I been there as a caregiver. As the story goes, they reached their destination and invited Him to eat with them. But when He broke the bread, they realized who He was.

He didn't hide who He was because of their pain, doubt, unbelief, or disappointment.  As a matter of fact, while they were walking on the road and discussing their pain and grief - Jesus approached them! He could have taken another, happier road. He could have avoided them altogether - like a lot of people do when they don't know how to deal with our pain or grief. But He didn't - He walked right up to them and revealed Himself to the two. 

God is not afraid of our grief or pain. He doesn't even avoid our doubt or disbelief. Instead, He walks right up into our situations and declares He is the bread of life - the bread that keeps us alive in the middle of the mess. The bread that was pierced in the Passover tradition demonstrates how He would be pierced for our souls. The bread that was broken during the Passover and our modern communion services demonstrate how He was broken for us. He will not avoid us - instead, He will reveal Himself to us on a level we can understand.

Today, I'll remind myself that Jesus approaches me on the road I'm taking. He wasn't going to Emmaus. He was reaching for these two souls. My thoughts will be on how He also reaches for my soul on life's road. I'll turn my thoughts to how He accompanies me on the road - no matter where I'm going. It's not the road or the destination that matters - it's the revelation of Him in the middle of the day that gives me something to hold on to. I'll reach out today, grab hold of His truth, and trust that He is the sustaining bread of my life. Will you join me?

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