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 I am pretty sure that no one will argue about the difficulties of the caregiving journey. Caregiving is challenging no matter what. The sea is sometimes calmer than other times, but it's always rolling and creating waves big or small. One thing I've discovered is that it doesn't really matter how challenging or smooth the day is - I'm going to trust God, no matter what. I don't trust Him less on the days that are easier, I still have to trust Him and let His peace reign in my heart whether it's good things or bad things that try to distract me.

In 2 Thessalonians, Paul's closing starts with this: May the Lord of peace himself always give you His peace no matter what happens. I found myself reading and re-reading this verse over and over this morning. His peace is good in the bad times - and it's good in the good times. Sometimes, it's the good times that become more of a distraction because I forget my intense need for His peace when things look like they are going smoothly. 

Paul is reassuring the new believers that God's peace covers them in any and all situations. The interesting thing is that Paul is writing this from inside a prison cell. His life was not what we would consider "ideal." Yet, he had a grasp on how powerful God's peace was - no matter what the surroundings looked like.

Oftentimes, caregiving can feel like a prison cell. Caregivers give up many freedoms others take for granted to care for their loved ones. It's not as easy to just run to the store, or do a few errands. We may have to hire a sitter or have things delivered. No matter what our caregiving situation looks like - God has us covered in His peace. He didn't pack up and leave when life's road got bumpy. And He's not gonna leave just because we feel in control and great for a moment, either. His peace abounds to us in all circumstances and situations.

Today, I will thank God for His no-matter-what peace. My thoughts will be on how He surrounds me with songs of deliverance, joy, and salvation. I will rest in His peace today as I work through the emotions and challenges of caregiving. I'll remind myself that He's got me today and He will not let me go! I can trust Him for one more day - will you join me?


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