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 I don't know about you, but checklists help run my days. The problem is that sometimes I have two or three or more checklists that I'm working off of. Sometimes, it gets totally out of hand, so I combine them all into one big checklist and start marking off items as I go. However, most days, there just aren't enough items marked off. This morning, I made a different list mentally. I started thinking about what I could cut from today's to-do list. 

For caregivers, there are so many things that have to be done in a day. When each day involves the care of another person, the list of nonnegotiable gets long. It can be overwhelming, at best. Debilitating at worst. Sometimes I sit, sip coffee, and just stare at the list of things I need to do - the thing is that my to-do list doesn't have all the must-dos on it. I don't write range of motion, laundry, preparing tube feedings, standing frame time, etc., on the list because they are given. So, no wonder not many things are marked off my list at the end of the day. I'm busy doing the essentials of caregiving. Yesterday, I finally squeezed in a shower at about 3 pm. Lol. Hey - it's not on the list, and there were more pressing things that had to be done. It happens. I'm just happy I finally got one! Lol.

Whew! No wonder we are tired, right? 

I'm so glad that God doesn't have a checklist. And I'm really glad that He doesn't look at it and try to decide what might need to go or be put off until tomorrow. He left His grace wide open with no boundaries. His love knows no end. His mercy is new for our benefit with every new day. His presence in the middle of caregiving is beautiful. I'm glad He doesn't look at these things and wonder what can be put off until tomorrow. He just keeps them all open all the time. That's good - because I need them all, I need Him desperately - all the time.

I think today, I'll change my checklist up a bit. Here are my new checklist items to focus on:

  • Trust God.
  • Pray about it (whatever "it" is) first.
  • Remember His mercy.
  • Fall into His sustaining grace.
  • Ask Him first.
  • Read that scripture one more time.
  • Remember, He is here.
  • Be thankful.
There. I think that simplifies all my lists and will help guide each decision I need to make today.

So, today, I will choose to trust Him with it all. I'll pour all that I've been carrying out at His feet and ask for His grace to help me sort it all out. My heart will be thankful for all He has done so far, and I'll use what He's done as a reminder that He's still doing on my behalf. I'll be thankful that He hasn't left, thrown up His hands, or thrown in the towel. My meditations will be on His faithfulness. I'll remind myself that I am on His checklist today - so I can trust Him for one more day. Will you join me?

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