Does It All Revolve Around the Sun?

Chris in the van headed to the 34 Project

 If you've followed my blog for long, you know that I love the creation passages. There are several of them scattered throughout the scriptures, from Genesis, of course, to Isaiah, Psalms, and even Job. I enjoy reading the passages and imagining the scenes as they are described. This morning, I went all the way back to Genesis 1, where the beginning began. 

It's interesting to me that God created light on day one, but He did not create and set the sun in the sky until day 4. How did that happen? We tend to feel like our lives revolve around the sun - and in a very practical, actual way, it does here on Earth. But as I unleashed my best creative thinking and imagination to try to capture the power of creation this morning, I realized that the sun isn't the point. It's not even a reference point since God didn't bother to create it until day 4. What's even crazier is that He didn't need it for light. He only set it in the sky to "govern" the light.

Instead of everything revolving in a symbolic way around the sun - it revolves around what God did, what He said was to be. The sun can only do what God designed and ordered it to do. And, of course, it does it well! But here's the thing, God didn't need the sun. The sun needed God. God was intentional about creating and setting the sun, pretty much for our benefit and to help keep all He had created in line and orderly.

He is just as intentional about us, perhaps more. He set the sun in the sky and walked away, so to speak. But He chose to indwell us. He chose to interact with us in our daily lives - as much as we will LET Him. He didn't want to be up-close-and-personal with the sun, moon, or stars, even though they are His creations. He watches them from afar. But with us - He moves right in to the extent we allow Him to.

Today, my meditations will be on how much I allow God to have of me. How much do I "let" Him see? He sees it all, but He is respectful. I purpose today to let God get closer. He will not shun me for all my crazy thoughts. He won't move out because caregiving makes Him uncomfortable. I'll remind myself that He is right here, with me, and for me. So, I will trust Him for today. Will you join me?


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