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My grandson Eli walking beside Chris in his chair on the Draper trails

Caregivers can be so easily ignored. Or at least, that's been my experience. Only other caregivers have a clue about what goes on during our normal days. And even then, our stories are all so unique there's not really a comparison. But we do share some things like social isolation or living grief. Ultimately, we each must find our own path of faith and learn to trust God in our various caregiving circumstances. But just because God is "along for the ride" doesn't mean there are no bumps in the road.

I've been studying Exodus this week, and this morning, in my reading, I was looking at their horrible attitudes. Lol. Sadly, I can often relate. God brought them through the Red Sea - but it didn't mean they would never face difficult situations again. He fed them manna and provided water at leas two times so far. Just because He provided water once didn't mean they would never need it again.

I was thinking about all these things and their ups and downs across the wilderness. Then, my mind strayed over into the New Testament. Remember when Jesus calmed the storm? Which time? In the NT, Jesus calmed the storm two times. One time, He came walking on the water, and the other time, they woke Him up because He was sleeping in the boat in the storm. Just because He calmed one storm - didn't mean they'd never go through another one. Just because He brought the Israelites through the Red Sea didn't mean He'd never need to part the water again. What I took from that is that He is there for us and with us every single time.

Life has ebbs and flows. Our days, even hours, can have tons of ups and downs wrapped up in them. But I've found that God is there for every single emotional fluctuation - and I have a LOT of them! I'm so glad He didn't just part one sea, calm one storm, or provide bread only one time - actually, He did that MANY times! Maybe it was so we could look back from 2023 and see that He would be there with us and for us every single time through every single circumstance.

Today, I'll remind myself that God hasn't run out of miracles. He hasn't checked them off some exhaustive "things I've already done" list, with no repeats in sight. My thoughts will be on how He continues to carry me through each circumstance and diffuse it with grace and mercy. My meditations will be on how He remains with me through the hard times and rescues my soul over and over again. And I'll be thankful for that today. Will you join me?


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