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Chris enjoying being at Bluff Creek

 One of the most difficult things for many caregivers is social isolation. Even though we have online opportunities to "visit" and socialize with others, it's not quite the same. The Pandemic was actually helpful to the caregiving community because nearly everyone figured out how to do what they do virtually. Lol. The world was in shock at suddenly being forced to stay home. They moaned and cried about not being able to get out - I was like, where y'all been? Welcome to our world? Lol. I'm not without compassion, of course. The world grieved at the losses, even though most didn't recognize it as grief.

For many caregivers, situations didn't change much during the lockdowns. We were already at home. Alone. As the world started going back to a new normal, the isolation was forgotten by many. We went back to our caregiving normals too. That left many alone and forgotten once again. But there's good news.

I was reading Psalm 113 this morning, and in verse 6, it says Who humbles Himself to behold the things that are in the heavens and in the earth...(NKJ) What I got out of this verse was that God chooses to watch over us - to be with us. He could have created the earth, sat back, folded His hands, and waited to see how it all turns out. Instead, He wants to walk through time with us. The phrase I remember from Psalm 139 is that He wants to be intimately acquainted with us. 

When the world and friends distance themselves and family members are looking the other way - God is right here catching our next breath, watching the next tear fall, and understanding our heavy sighs. All of them. He never asks questions like "What's that all about" for information. He gets us - because He wants to. Doesn't that just blow your mind? 

Today, I will meditate on how God actually, really, wants to walk this caregiving journey with me. My thoughts will be on His ever-abiding presence that He chooses to spend on me and with me. I'll receive and embrace the comfort that comes from knowing He wants to see the ins and outs of my caregiving life. He won't draw back, be embarrassed, or close His eyes to my situation. I'll rejoice that He chooses to be "in it" with me today. Then, I'll trust Him to walk with me for one more day - will you join me?

book cover for 31 Days in Psalm 31

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