Over the Coffee Cup

me drinking coffee and watching chris sleep

 This morning, I was standing in my son's bedroom doorway, sipping my coffee and planning my day. Even though you never know what a caregiving day may bring, it's always good to have a plan. I mean, who knows, it might all go smoothly! We can hope. Right?

I was looking at my son and praying and thanking God for the progress Chris has been making. One thing I've learned on this difficult journey is that I can trust God with my heart, emotions, and crazy out-there thoughts. His peace always has a way of reeling it all back in. I love how God meets us right where we are.

He patiently waits for us to stop whining and complaining before He gently wipes the tears from our eyes so we can see Him clearly again - even if our heart is still a bit clouded with emotions. Isaiah 30:18 tells us that He waits for us to wait on Him. He waits until our hearts are ready to receive His goodness, grace, strength, help, and encouragement. And He knows the precise second we drop everything to reach for Him, even if it's only the slightest gesture. I love that about God. He gets us.

As I was looking at my son over the coffee cup this morning, I knew God could see me. He even sees when a tear escapes and follows it as it heads down the rosy cheek toward the coffee cup. He understands. People don't always get it, but God does. People can't keep up with our crazy days - but God does. He actually goes above and beyond and goes before us to ensure it's a smooth ride- as long as we trust in Him. 

I love that God does caregiving with us.

Today, I'll remind myself that God is on this journey with me and that He encloses me with His grace before and behind. He quite literally has me surrounded by His grace. My thoughts will be on how I can trust Him more with each step and call on Him for help before I think I'm going to lose it for sure this time! Lol. My meditations will be on His constant protection of my heart, and I'll remind myself that He is the keeper of my soul, and He does the same for my son, Chris. I'll be thankful for today's journey and trust Him for just one more day - will you join me?


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