The Comfortable Wilderness

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This morning, I found myself in a familiar passage. It's in Hosea2. I usually focus on the last part of verse 15. It says He will make the "Valley of Achor as a door of hope." One translation of Achor is "pain," which for me always reminds me that God will open a door of hope wherever there is pain. I've held on to that verse for a long time, trusting that He will bring hope in the midst of the challenges, losses, and pains of caregiving. But I backed up and read the verses before and after verse 15 again this morning.

In verse 14, God is telling His people through the prophet Hosea, that He was going to "allure" or draw His people. Then, He's going to take her to the wilderness. I'm like, what? On purpose? But the next phrase makes it make more sense. It says, and speak comfort to her. He's wanting to take His people out of the busy-ness of life, out of the chaos, out of the craziness - just so He can comfort them. 

As I thought about it some more, I wondered if His purpose for the wilderness was so "she" could "hear" Him and His comforting words. He made a separation from all the noisyness of life, so that His comfort could be experienced. Isn't it easy as a caregiver to get wound up in the chores and activities of the day? Oftentimes, we miss leaning in to Him so we can hear Him speak comfort to our souls. Yet, He does it all the time.

The two things that stand out in these verses is that He makes a door of hope for us right in the middle of our pain, circumstances, difficulties, and challenges. Secondly, that He provides the comfort our soul is longing for. However, it is up to us to get to that quiet spot, even if just in our hearts and minds, so we can hear and experience the comfort and healing He speaks to our souls.

Today, in the midst of errands, chores, and sundry caregiving tasks, I will purposefully slow my soul and brain down enough to listen for Him. I'll tune in closely to hear the comfort ooze from His heart to my soul. Then, I will rest in that comfort. I'll trust His grace has me for today, will you join me?

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