Any Given Day

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 As caregivers, we never know what a day will bring. Even our smoothest running days are filled with challenges. The reality of our situations, even though they vary, is that we mostly navigate from one challenge to the next just to get through the day. All those normals like life-changing phone calls, unexpected bills, or other minor emergencies (Is that an oxymoron?) may interrupt an already overloaded day. There really aren't too many things that are negotiable when it comes to caregiving.

Additionally, if we experience an illness, no matter how "mild" it may be, it can be catastrophic for our day, as well as our loved ones. Not feeling well for the caregiver can be scary and start a series of thoughts, fears, and anxieties. I don't know about you, but I worry about how much longer I can continue to take care of my son physically. For now - we are good, but we don't know the future, and it's always looming. 

Along with the baggage of normal life, we have additional worries and concerns that others don't really understand. Sometimes, they just don't know - other times, they don't want to know. So, we struggle from day to day to ensure we are healthy enough to take care of our loved ones, who deserve to be loved and cared for with the utmost dedication. That happens whether others get it or not, right?

That in itself can put us in a very lonely spot. I'm sorry if you identify. It can be easy to think that God has looked the other way. David felt that way in Psalm 13, and he wasn't alone. The Children of Israel said, "The Lord has forsaken me, and my Lord has forgotten me." (Isaiah 49:14 NASB) It's a natural course of life and faith to wonder where God is and what He's doing while we are suffering. Christians and faith-ers have failed to provide any legit answers, in my opinion, except to condemn the suffering for lack of faith.

However, God is with us. He has not abandoned us - no matter how it feels. Isaiah 49:15-16 goes on to say that He will not forget us. God has us tattooed on the palm of His hand. Paul mentions this same thing in Romans 11:2 when he writes, God has not cast away His people. Struggles are not an indication of faith unless they indicate we still have some. (I have to tell myself this every day.) Challenges and difficulties in no way indicate God has forgotten us, left us, or doesn't see us. If trials communicate that we have lost faith - then Paul had no faith. Daniel was faithless, as was Abraham, Joseph, and David. Even Jesus couldn't escape the cross through faith. It's faith that carries us through, not prevents the rocky roads.

Today, I'll remind myself that God is walking this rocky road with me. My thoughts will be on how He helps me navigate the complexities. My job today is to relax and let Him be my guide. He has the answers to all the questions, so I'll make it a point to listen for them. I'll tell myself over and over that He has not forgotten me, so I can trust Him for one more day. Will you join me?


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