The Light in the Back of the Cave

Chris at Bluff Creek Park

In yesterday's blog, I used a phrase that basically came out of nowhere. I wrote that God is our light in the back of the cave. As caregivers, we can find ourselves comfortable in our little caves. Maybe it's just me, but I get discouraged when we try to do "normal" things. Trying to be normal presents a great challenge when your life is anything but normal. It's difficult to travel, go to the gym, run to the grocery store, or have a game night with friends (if there are any left!). Over the last 15 years, I've found myself moving further and further back into the cave and venturing out far less. 

Spending life in a caregiver's cave is what drew me to Psalm 31 a few years ago and the primary reason the passage spoke to me so deeply. It was also written while David was hiding from Saul in the cave. Although our reasons were very different, we found the cave a safe place, and God met us there. I spent so much time in Psalm 31 and the proverbial cave that I wrote the 31-day devotional, 31 Days in Psalm 31

Since God is in the cave with us - and He is light - there IS a light in the cave. So, with my mind on the comfort and protection of the cave, I looked back through the psalm this morning. A few of David's prayers stood out to me:
  • deliver me...(v.1)
  • deliver me (v.2)
  • be my rock of refuge (v.2)
  • lead me and guide me (v.3)
  • pull me out of the net! (v.4)
  • have mercy on me (v.9)
  • deliver me (v.15)
  • save me (v.16)
But this one stood out to me in verse 16 - make Your face shine on Your servant. What a prayer from the back of the cave. The cave can be a dark, lonely place, even for the one destined to become a king. 

I love this psalm because David isn't afraid to pour out his heart to God in raw, open honesty. He's also not afraid to ask God for help. And in the final verse, David encourages himself to be of good courage; God will strengthen your heart; just hope in Him. (v.24)

So, if you hear me singing from the back of the cave today - you'll know I have my focus on the light Who is in there with me. :-)

Today, I will shift my focus from the dark loneliness of the cave to the Light that is sitting in the cave with me. I'll encourage myself to trust God with more of myself and my situation. I'll make a few declarations like David...I will trust in God. He is my strength. He is my refuge...And I will set my heart and mind on all that God has already done and how He is not going to abandon me to the cave. Instead, He will light my mind, my heart, and my space with His life-giving soul-light. And with that, I will trust Him for just one more day. Will you join me?

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