Chocolate Pudding Days


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Caregivers and new parents understand the significance of chocolate pudding. Maybe you already know it's code for something else. Those who care for others get it - you don't taste or smell it to see if it is chocolate pudding or not. Why not? Because it is most likely NOT! 

Yesterday, was a chocolate pudding day. Let's be real for a minute. There are some down sides to caregiving and many unmentionables. I'll be as discreet as I can with this story. When those we care for are challenged physically and lack mobility, constipation can be a real issue. I have tried everything with my poor son, but sometimes I think the cure is worse. Lol. There are lots of over the counter options and pharmaceutical products. But I tend to lean toward more natural methods. Fortunately, and oddly enough unfortunately, I've found something that works. But it works well. :-)

I make a cocktail of warm coffee mixed with 2 tablespoons of Epsom salt to put in his tube. It hasn't failed me yet. But sometimes, it takes a bit longer than I would like, because he is obviously uncomfortable. So, I've begun combining it with a castor oil poultice. It can conveniently, and a bit ironically, be used with an incontinence pad. It's got the perfect absorption, and I only need a small piece to fit on his abdomen. 

Yesterday, I used this combination, the cocktail in his tube - the castor oil poultice on his belly. And let's just say it worked. And it worked well. I'll spare you the details but chocolate pudding was everywhere! I changed gloves 6 times and clothes three times and ended up in the shower.

When I removed the "wet" sheet from the bed, then realized it was not wet, but chocolate pudding instead. Somehow in the process, I dragged the sheet on the bed's rail. That is why it kept appearing on my clean clothes that I kept changing into. It really was funny - finally. Well, we just as well laugh, crying doesn't do any good. Lol.

I'm so glad that God doesn't leave us when things get messy, literally or figuratively. He's in it for the long haul. I wonder if He was cheering me on from heaven during this fiasco and yelling like a fan cheering on their favorite team. "Check the bed rail!" He could see what I could not. He could see how this used to wreak havoc in my heart and this time, it was funny. I kept thinking that I don't get paid enough for this. Lol. But paid or not - we do it because we love.

If we think about it, God puts up with a lot of messes we get ourselves into as well. And He never backs out or says it's too messy for Him to clean up, pick up or help with. Just like with caregiving - it's not even an option. We'll stick with the chocolate pudding mess until it's all clean. So will God. He sticks with us through thick and thin and ensures we are in good shape. He will not shake His head and back silently out of the room and act like our pain, grief, sorrow or, fill-in-the-blank doesn't exist. He has glorious staying power even during the most difficult times and seasons of our lives.

Today, I'll remind myself that God cleans up my messy life over and over again. I'll reflect on some of the sticky situations I have found myself in, and I'll rejoice that they are behind me and God's grace is still in tact. There's nothing I can get myself into purposefully or accidentally, that will be off limits to His grace, His care, His love, His mercy, and His tender mercies. Although, He probably shakes His head a lot. Lol. I'll remind myself that He remains. With me. In the mess. Day after day. And I will rejoice and trust Him for one more messy day. Will you join me?


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