Salty Seasons

me and aunt polly riding in the car

 Sometimes, I have tons of questions. Why did this or that have to happen? Why is it happening to my family? What happened to "normal"? There have been many questions along the caregiving journey. Over the last 15 years, I've been the caregiver to my son, and for three of those years, I was also the caregiver for my Aunt Polly. Periodically, I got to keep my mom for a week here and there as well. I must say, It's been a salty season.

Salty seasons are part of life, aren't they? I found a little comfort in my reading this morning. In Mark 9:49, Jesus said that everyone will be seasoned with fire. What did He mean by that? In context, the disciples had been arguing about who was going to be the greatest once Jesus set up His kingdom. This line of thinking demonstrated how far short they were of understanding His kingdom was not an earthly reign but a supernatural eternal reign. 

Next, the disciples were asking about someone who was doing the works of Christ but wasn't in their little clique. (my words, not his) John said that they told him to stop because he "wasn't following us." Jesus explained that whoever was with them - was with them. Then, He said that everyone would go through the fire. In the natural, everyone mentioned in this chapter is about to go through the fire of the cross. The question then becomes if they will still hold on and still believe. Don't we live that out as caregivers day after day?

Caregivers are furnace walkers. Not only were we thrown into life's fire like the three Hebrew children - but we walk around in it day after day with little natural relief. But the good news is that God is walking in the fire with us. The fire brings out true character. It helps us define the lines of belief. Fiery trials test our faith. (Boy, do we know about that!) But take a look around - we're still standing. We're still pursuing Him. We are still chasing Him and experiencing His peace, love, care, and comfort right in the middle of the salty season. 

Today, I'll remind myself that God is still on the throne and none of life's difficulties or circumstances are big enough or bad enough to dethrone the King who lives in me. I'll turn my thoughts to how He has miraculously sustained me and my faith during this season of life. And I'll encourage myself by reminding my brain that He isn't going to stop carrying me now! I'll keep reminding myself of His staying and keeping power as I continue to be refined like salt. Boy, are we a flavorful bunch! Let's trust God for one more day, shall we?


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