The Continuum

Me standing Chris up at Red Rock Canyon

 Today is a good day to trust God, right? I mean, why not? He's brought us this far, and I'm totally convinced that He's not about to give up on us or leave us now! That's one of the things I love about serving God - knowing He won't abandon, reject, or forsake us. He remains faithful no matter what turns the caregiving journey takes. 

God never says it's too bumpy, difficult, challenging, or ugly for Him. He just keeps walking alongside. Aren't you glad He didn't tell Daniel I don't do lion's dens? What if God had told David that giants weren't His forte? God could have told any of our Bible heroes that avoidance was His specialty, but He didn't. It's a funny thought when we understand the nature and character of God. 

Instead, God has continued to extend His grace, mercy, love, help, and hope to His people down through time. It's a continuum with absolutely no interruptions. Even Adam and Eve's grave disobedience and sin couldn't disrupt God's plan. As a matter of fact, God had a plan to restore mankind before He said Let there be light. He was prepared for the Fall. It didn't catch Him off guard.

When we understand that God's grace, mercy, love, peace, and all that He is remains on a continuum, we must match it in faith and hope. Hosea 12:6 says to observe mercy and justice, and wait on your God continually. (NKJV) No matter how difficult the caregiving journey is, no matter what surprises await us today - we can keep trusting and waiting on God. He'll never tell us that He "doesn't do" caregiving. No caregiver's cave is too deep or dark for Him to access. He'll always be right there - no matter where life or caregiving takes us. He lives in a continuum of grace and mercy. We can live in a continuum of trusting Him, too.

Today, I'll remind myself that He's got me - right here and right now. My life got complicated for me - but it's not too complicated for God. My thoughts will be on His consistent care, mercy, and grace for the day. I'll take some time to just thank Him for being consistently present on this journey. And I'll trust Him for one more day. Will you join me?


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