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Me and my aunt polly

 This morning, I read another story about a family who couldn't keep their reservations at a restaurant for a special event simply because it was not accessible. They had done their due diligence, and the website, as well as the listings online, indicated the establishment was accessible. When they arrived for their special meal with the family, they found every single entrance had a series of steps that were NOT accessible by wheelchair. They had to cancel their reservation and find another place to eat. These types of circumstances can be so frustrating, and if we let them, they can socially paralyze us.

I know when we go visit a new place, there's always a chance we'll have to make alternate plans. We were told specifically by a hotel that our room was fully accessible, only to learn when we got there - that only meant it was on the first floor. Lol. Getting my son's chair in the door was another issue, and that was literally all we could do. He could not access anything past the bed by the door. It's socially crippling because we tend to give up on our pursuit of an accessible world.

As I was thinking about the issue this poor family had to deal with this morning, I thought about how there are absolutely no accessibility issues with God. The doors of heaven and the Kingdom, along with His heart, are always open and easy to access. So easy, in fact, that when our hearts turn to Him before we can even find a word to utter - we're in! He is always accessible, always available, always ready to hear our hearts. Nothing with God is off-limits.

As caregivers, we often find ourselves having to change our plans due to the absence of accommodations or accessibility. Far too many times, I choose to just stay home than try to figure out if and how I can get my son's chair into a home or business. We do not have to worry about that with God - no matter what.

If our hearts are broken - His door is open.

When we are distraught - His heart is open.

If our minds are racing - His mind is on us.

Even if we feel fear, doubt, or uncertainty - He's still standing at the door to welcome us in.

God never casts us aside or tells us He can't help us. The door is always wide enough for our heavy hearts, griefs, and anything else we need to carry to Him on any given day. He is accessible to us. I love that about God. People don't understand and turn us away without a sign of sadness - it can feel like they don't care at all. But God always welcomes. In fact, we have a standing invitation to meet with the King, and He never turns us down, changes the details, or reschedules. Day and night, middle of the night, middle of a storm, or in our peaceful sleep - He is there for us, accessible.

Today, I'll remind myself of God's constant watch care over us. I will think about how easy it is to just talk to Him and how I know He listens to all my whining, crying, and complaining and still doesn't close His doors to me. He waits for us to come to Him no matter what is going on in our lives at the moment. He's always there, glad to see us - always accessible. Today, I'll choose to use that accessibility, and I'll tell Him how thankful I am that He has stayed and will stay on this caregiving journey with me. I'll trust Him for today. Will you join me?


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