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This morning, I titled my Facebook Live devotion, "Be Still Because God is Still..." I'll share the video at the end so you can watch it. The point wasn't that God is still, as in motionless, quiet, or waiting. But we can be quiet and waiting on Him because He is still... our peace, our refuge, our redeemer, our fill-in-the-blank! That's one thing I love about God - He doesn't change, yet He meets us where we are. That's good news for caregivers because we can be all over the place at any given time! Lol.

I know that I was able to begin healing from the trauma when I realized that God had not changed and my status in the kingdom doesn't change just because our worlds get ripped out from under us, and everything seems to have fallen apart. He is still our refuge.

On those days when we feel like we cannot possibly go on and it takes every ounce of strength and effort to keep putting one foot in front of the other - He is still our strength.

How about those times when the world feels like a whirlwind around us, and nothing makes sense? He is still our peace.

I can find the strength to be still today because God will still be. He's our wisdom, redemption, peace, shelter, hope, joy... fill in the blank, for real! He is able to rise to any occasion. Nothing scares Him away. God will not wring His hands in worry or wonder, what just happened? He is still on the same throne, reigning over His Kingdom, and today is not the day He will stop. I can be still because God is still...

Today, I will remind myself that God still has me wrapped up in His love. My thoughts will be on how God still provides grace enough for today and His mercies are still new every single morning. I'll think about how God still carries me as needed and I'm still the apple of His eye. Since God is still God - I will be still and watch for Him in my life today. Will you join me?


Now Published in Paperback!

I will be doing a caregiver-only video series using this book. In each video, I'll read the verses given each day, read the affirmation, and briefly discuss the prompt. Please grab a copy of the book and plan on joining me each morning in January. The links to the videos will be posted here each morning, you don't want to miss it!!

Bookcover of Affirmations for Caregivers

I finished publishing Affirmations for Caregivers last night! It contains an affirmation, a verse or two to read, and a prompt for a very short response for each day.  You can download the eBook from the Dove's Fire Ministries Bookstore right now and print it and and start today! The print version is also now available on Amazon! Check it out!

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