Blessed Mess

Kyrie showing Chris himself in the mirror

 Not too long ago, I got out my old jewelry boxes and discovered several bracelets I had purchased back in my teaching days. I wore casual suits everyday and back then I liked to wear earrings and bracelets. I'd forgotten how much I liked my bracelets, so it brought me a small amount of joy to start wearing them again. 

One of the bracelets is silver and has a plate that reads, "Blessed." I had laid it aside and chosen some of the other ones to wear. This morning, I grabbed my "blessed" bracelet and slid it on and went about my morning. It turned out to be a true blessing. Funny how that works, huh? I thought about how blessed I am, just to be a child of God. I thought about how His word is still true even for caregiving. But then I also thought about what a mess I've made of a few areas of my life. Then, I smiled, as I thought, I guess I'm just a blessed mess, then.

I am so thankful that God didn't make His word or His promises void for caregivers. It still stands. The Kingdom is still the Kingdom. Salvation through Christ is still our foundation. If we were not caregivers, there would still be other things to shake our world - and God did not make any exclusionary statements for caregivers or for those who struggle with other areas of life. I love that! His grace didn't stop reaching when caregiving began - we can still find grace to help in the time of need, no matter what that need looks like. We also still have new mercies that come with each new morning. God still has us covered. (Hebrews 4:16, Lamentations 3:22,23)

Today, I'll remind myself that every word in His Word still applies to me. He still draws near the brokenhearted, He hears when I call, and He sees even the most hidden intricate parts of my being - and chooses to love me still! I love that God chooses to walk with us on our journeys and literally nothing is off-limits to His grace. This will be my meditation as I thank Him for one more blessed messy day! Will you join me? (Psalm 34:18)


Just Released and Published on Amazon!

Bookcover of Affirmations for Caregivers

I finished publishing Affirmations for Caregivers last night! It contains an affirmation, a verse or two to read, and a prompt for a very short response for each day.  You can download the eBook from the Dove's Fire Ministries Bookstore right now and print it and and start today! The print version is also now available on Amazon! Check it out!

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